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    I have been a cus...

    I have been a customer for more than three years and am very happy with the service. One old dog, now deceased, had serious health issues, including blindness and severely sensitive skin. Other groomers had given up on her because of her cranky attitude and risk of seizures due to stress. Fran was very patient and understanding, doing a great job for just a few dollars extra. I still take my 10 year old dog here and she loves her "spa days"!

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    Michael K

    Thought I would t...

    Thought I would try them out as they are pretty close & a small business. Found this woman to be VERY rude, unprofessional & VERY judgemental. Claims my dog bit, he always seemed very timid & docile at home, don't know what they did to make him bite if he did. Go to Pets 101 or anywhere else if your concerned about your pets well being

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    Réponse du marchand 21 octobre 2015

    These customers brought in a little dog that was matted to the skin,filthy urine stained and covered in feces. He was very afraid and acted like he had never had much contact with people never mind been groomed.I suspected he was from a puppy mill as he was also not neutered . It was a difficult groom for us and the dog. The people asked for a quote on the phone but didn't mention the terrible condition of the dog .They claimed the dog had belonged to an elderly mother who had died of cancer. The groom took at least 3 times the normal time so I charged considerably more than the quote.The gentleman seemed understanding and paid the extra but I got a phone call from the irate wife shortly after screaming about the cost. I suppose they posted this unflattering review to retaliate. Visit our Facebook page to see the pictures I took during this groom as I suspected this might be trouble.

    Réponse du marchand 21 octobre 2015

    Don't really recall this customer,but we would certainly never tell a client that their dog bit if it was not true. They state their dog is timid, as are most dogs inclined to bite out of fear. If discussing this with them came off as rude and unprofessional would they rather I not mention this and lie and say everything went well ?Certainly should not reflect on my many happy customers !

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