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Quelle note donneriez-vous à cette entreprise?
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    Our 8 year old son has been going to Oxford since January due to learning difficulties with ADHD. Alexis did an assessment to determine the areas that most challenge him. My son's school teacher has noticed a big difference since January and I owe that to Oxford. All the Oxford instructors have been amazing and wonderful with my son. The instructors will come out after the hour and let me know how things went which I appreciate to hear. My son enjoys going to tutoring and it's always nice to see Alexis when we first walk in with her warm smile and great energy.

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    Oxford Institute staff have been a lifesaver for our daughters S & Y for the past five years. We owe Oxford and particularly Alexis and Jacqueline a mountain of gratitude for their invaluable contribution to our children's development. Alexis firmly believed that our daughters were very intelligent when their school system didn't. One, Y, was underachieving elementary school student because Oxford staff discovered her auditory function disorder. Oxford dug and helped her. Her grades went from 4's to 1's and 2's in her French School. Oxford also helped our other daughter S, a high school student develop her study skills, time management as well as getting concrete academic skills. They raised her self confidence and allowed her to work up to her potential. They helped S in her transition from high school to university and S was "Diplomée" and she is now a very happy and successful student at the U of Manitoba, without Oxford, S. would be floundering in university. Y, the elementary school daughter continues to go to Oxford three times a week and will be going there until she graduates from high school, Oxford helps her with school schedule and her extracurricular activities, to plan her study time and concentrate. Y is thriving and so proud of herself, and we are so lucky and grateful that we have found those two amazing and caring educators and professionals who have been a great boon to my children.

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