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    horrible shopping experience

    After driving 6 hours to the city I was excited to go shopping and I was in need of some quailty facial products and perfume so I picked your store to go to.As I was browsing ,your sales lady asked me if she could help me and I stated no ,I new what I was looking for.She hovered around and after awhile she again asked me if i needed help and I asked her if you had Lavinilla Labratories perfume ,she stated no and she was glad she she asked .I then wanted to buy some Vinchy products and I picked out a cream that was on display by your door and I knew there were other Vinchy products in the asile futher in.Your sales lady then said to me you have to buy that here(Meaning the counter by the door) and I stated I knew that but I was looking for more products and my husband was here also buying things.I was mad by now.I felt like i was being stalked and treated as if I was going to steal.My husband came around the corner and I made up my mind that I was not going to give you business.He had some stuff in his hand and I told your sales lady she was rude and we were not going to purchase anything from your store.Very bad behaviour on your make-up/sales lady's part!!!!!! UI will notshop at your store again!

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