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6 Wersch St, Selkirk MB R1A 2B2
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  • Chirurgie au laser,
  • Médicament vétérinaire,
  • Nourriture pour animaux de compagnie,

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  • Anglais,

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Quelle note donneriez-vous à cette entreprise?
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    Joy A

    I have been takin...

    I have been taking my two dogs to see Dr. Klug for over five years. She is skilled and really cares about dogs. When a friend had to have a dog put down there, she was so empathic. Compared to city vet prices, she is very reasonable. I would, and have, recommended her to every pet owner I know.

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    Will not be returning....

    Dr. Bertie Klug knows very little about dogs. Especially Large breed dogs (I believe she specializes in cats and birds). She can be extremely rude to owners, and when she makes a mistake (Example - re-dressing a broken leg - she placed my dog's cast upside down and backwards causing an infection) she actually blamed MY DOG and said "she must've turned it around somehow". She also talked us into spaying our giant breed girl before she had her first cycle against the contractual agreement we signed with our breeder, stating that it was for the dog's own good. we listened, reluctantly, and sure regretted it afterwards, seeing as that is not advised for giant breed dogs... for many reasons. So in conclusion, the other staff at the office are great, and I cannot say that they are not caring. They love animals, but I can say with confidence that Dr. Klug doesn't know much about large breed dogs. And their prices are definitely high, compared to other vet offices.

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