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    Was a costumer fo...

    Was a costumer for many years, years ago. Called back today (2015-03-05) as I am moving back to Winnipeg. Great service, could almost see Pavi smiling over the phone. Looks like the people in Kildonan Place Shoppers Drug Mart are just as nice and helpful as they have always been. Thank you Diane

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    Don't Fill Your Prescriptions Here: Very Rude!

    Unbelievable! Is all I can say about the crazy pharmacist who works at this location. I was given a prescription for a two month supply of medication and decided I would fill only one month at a time. The next month I called to have my prescription filled was over the long weekend. The pharmacist calls me back and said he is refusing to fill the prescription because I was about to start another medication that had the same action even though both prescriptions were from the same doctor and were to work in conjunction with each other. The pharmacist said I would have to wait until he could verify that I was to receive both prescriptions after the long weekend even though at this point neither prescription had been filled. When I challenged him on this he said he doesn't have to give me my prescription back nor does he have to fill it. I contacted my physician the following day and he found the entire situation outrageous. If you want good service and to be treated like a customer and not like a drug seeking addict, this is not the place to go. The pharmacist is extremely rude and they have very poor customer service

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