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80 Boys Rd, Springfield MB
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    Grooming by Becca in the BEST!!!

    I have had many dogs over the years and dealt with many Groomers also. I have tried at least 90% of them all located here in Winnipeg. If you are looking for a clean, decent, place to get your dog's haircut then you found the right place. Doesn't matter where you live in Wpg...the drive to Becca's shop in the far east of Transcona is well worth it! I have had so many Groomer's completely ignore my requests when I brought my dogs to them. One Groomer even hurt my Cocker-Spaniel by cutting up her neck really bad requiring a very costly Vet bill on my part. I had a Poodle once that was tramatized at another place and was never the same after that. I can say that Becca listens to what you want done and takes very good care of your dog. She is also very friendly....which is a lot more than I can say for some other Groomers out there. That alone goes a long way. Some of the more expensive and snooty places gave the worst cuts and horrible service! Becca is a Groomer that actually does a great job and is a nice person to boot! I will never visit another Groomer for as long as Grooming by Becca is in business. Her prices are ALSO THE BEST!!!! I used to spend over $100 just for my Cocker-Spaniel to get shaved down to nothing and no fancy cut at all. Becca charges HALF THAT!!! (I registered on this site just to spread the word about this great service).. Thanks.

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