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    Christine D

    I have to disagre...

    I have to disagree with the other comment. These people at Mannys are great, they go above and beyond when it comes to customer service. I highly doubt that they would allow their worms to go 3 days with no refrigeration. It sounds like you are very bitter and you must have done something to be taken off of their customer list. I have told many many people about Mannys and no one ever has a negative comment about them. So BRAVO Mannys keep up the great work and great bait

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    Michelle D

    Not only were the...

    Not only were there 0 options to either a) a three day unrefrigerated bus trip for worms that were within 4 minutes of an alternate drop off in Wpg. A driver had to be sent 3 hours to the store where b) the store was closed on Monday at 10am (please see posted hours- as well as verbal verification). No notice posted. Our driver was there waiting when the person who apparently was in the building the when he knocked, left. Owner returned our call-said that they did not need our business. Con

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    Réponse du marchand 10 juillet 2015

    First of all you should get your story straight. The bus trip was a 3 hour bus trip and your Mother would meet the bus at midnight, second of all your driver was at the wrong location. You have been a huge pain and that is why the business in Brandon refused to deal with you. Second of all we do not deliver to residential properties. So such it up and like I said on the phone buy your bait from someone else.|

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