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2020F Corydon Ave, Winnipeg MB R3P 0N2
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  • Massage des tissus profonds,
  • Soulagement de la douleur,
  • Douleur chronique,

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  • Français,
  • Anglais,

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Quelle note donneriez-vous à cette entreprise?
  • Service: 5/5
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I am new to this ...

I am new to this clinic, but wanted to come on here to say how impressed I was at the treatments I have been having. I also love that I can park in front and walk in with no stairs or obstacles in my way. Give this place a try! Sissi and Denis are the Massage Therapists I have been to see.

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Friendly, Professional, Caring

Had a great experience at Advanced! I have seen Taylor and Yvan, and both had there own unique twist on the Massage, but was so happy both times. They refer amongst themselves, so you don't have to feel that you need to stick to one of them. Infact I suggest you try them all. I really liked how nice everyone was. The place gives off a really nice vibe. Clean and Cozy.

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Jose P

Best Deep Tissue in Winnipeg

For anyone wondering who the best Deep tissue massage therapist in Winnipeg is, the answer is Melissa Heaman at Advanced massage. I first went to her because an old injury flared up. Thanks to her knowledge and "strong muscle/weak muscle" philosophy, my injury healed in record time. So on my last session I decided to get a back massage as well. All I can say is OMG you guys cannot believe how good she is. I am a 6 foot tall, 300lbs man with a barreling chest. He deep tissue is so powerful, that she cracked 2 ribs back into place as she was just massaging the muscles above them. I have spent thousands of dollars on Massages, and it was not until today that I understood what people mean when they say they left a massage therapist feeling like a jelly fish.

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Réponse du marchand 15 janvier 2014

Thank you so much for the response. That was very kind words to hear.


Great Group of Remedial Therapists

I will start by saying that the location and parking is great! I drove right up to the front door, and there are no stairs to worry about. I was met by a huge smile and a big welcome ( doesn't happen much anymore ) The clinic is very clean, and organized. I booked a 1 hour deep tissue massage ( and that is what I got ) I have to say it was the best treatment that I have ever had. This clinic to me is more of a place to go if you want treatment and deep tissue work, they can do relaxation too! But you can tell they want to give affective treatments, and pride themselves on there skill and knowledge of the body. I ended with Direct billing to my provider, and would recommend this place to everyone!

Service: 5/5
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great experience

Advanced helped me heal after my car accident. They did great deep tissue work and I saw several therapists that all did equally beneficial work on my problem. Now I am pain free. Great staff, great experience. I have recommended all my friends and family.

Service: 5/5
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My Doctor from Pan Am Clinic sent me here.

My Doctor from the Pan Am Clinic sent me to Advanced Massage. I had an accident and needed allot of rehab to recover. The last year of my life has been very hard, and my mobility is not great. I am so happy that I can park a few feet from the door. I get deep tissue massage, and I can feel the mobility coming back to me, and the pain is getting better. I can actually sleep at night. I have seen several therapists, and have been so happy with the progress. I would recommend this place to anyone wanting THERAPY .

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Best Deep Tissue Massage Ever!

Loooved Advanced Massage and Laser Clinic. This is not a fluff and buff massage location, the staff are smart, caring, and they put 100% of themselves into there work. They listened to me, and they gave me the best deep tissue massage ever. There was no chit chat, I relaxed and actually totally allowed my body to relax.. (not easy for me) I have seen several therapists, and they are all unique and different.. Please pay them a visit! Your body will thank you.....

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Pain FREE after years!!!

I went to Advanced Massage and Laser from a refferal from my doctor at the Pan Am Clinic. I have to admit I was hesitant as I have seen Physio, Chiro and just about every other specialist on the planet who all told be they could get me pain free, the only thing that I got was BROKE! At Advanced Pain Clinic I had 3 treatments of Massage and Laser, and I felt so much relief..they actually treated my back, hips, knees, and neck, I thought it was just my back, but realized the problem was coming from above and below. I still go, once a month for a tune up! But happy to be bending over to get my garden ready for Summer...Thanks Advanced for your dedication to your clients....

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why go any where eles

Finally a place that addresses all my pain, I feel so lucky to have found this place , a hidden jewel in Winnipeg. I tried physio for 7 month cost a fortune and it only took the edge off my pain I tried Chiro before that , my Dr thought I was a crazy faker and I was told buy a friend to try these guy's an approach using decompression laser and massage I feel like I have my life back . Thanks guys, really thank you I will continue to tell the world about you and hope you all try Advanced massage and laser

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