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1034 Main St, Winnipeg MB R2W 3R1
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Évaluations et commentaires - Bird Shop & Aquariums

Quelle note donneriez-vous à cette entreprise?
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    Awful, awful customer service. No help at all.

    I wanted recommendations for my recently upgraded aquarium; I told him the fish I currently have. He told me to look at his fish. I said I've looked at plenty of fish and wanted to know what the best tank mate for my *particular* fish would be. Three more times he told me just to go look around when I was explicitly asking for an opinion. The whole time, he hovered in the doorway—he didn't take me over to the tanks or give a single recommendation. (Great service up the street at Fish Gallery.)

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    Réponse du marchand 30 septembre 2015

    First THING we recommend is to see what YOU like. But she did not even go into the fish room, which has over a hundred aquariums, with many varieties of fish, many of which she probably never seen before. We cannot give advice, without knowing what she has or is interested in. And in Retail, someone NEEDS to be upfront, to keep an eye on the store. If she did go into the fishroom, others were there to assist her.


    Unmatched knowledge!

    My fiance and I wanted to start a piranha habitat in our 70+ gallon aqaurium that was basically sitting there ugly and useless. Piranha sounded interesting and fun! The help we recieved here was unlike any other pet or pet supply store. The knowledge was unmatched and allowed us to open our minds to what actually happens inside the delicate ecosystem of your tank. The result was happy, energetic and vibrant Piranha(s) in our big, and now beautiful, tank. I have now created a mini-hobbiest in my little sister and I will be taking her here for the first time ever, today. Can't wait!

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    Very knowledgeable family run store

    The bright orange pet shop is hard to miss. It is a wonderful family run pet shop, with knowledgeable staff. They carry a large selection of accessories for your pets, specializing in aquarium, avian, and reptile supplies. The animals for sale are very healthy and in good conditions. I would recommend this store to everyone.

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