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750 St James St, Winnipeg MB R3G 3J7
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    One of the guys at the counter says he is a mechanic and will fix your car at his house for half the price I think his name is gabriel don't go to this location it is full of sketchy people..I don't know how to report it to the management because this location is a franchise but avoid this location at all cost

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    Techs are terrible

    Service advisors were very friendly and helpful but there is no strict management at this location, I had an appointment for 11 on a Saturday I was told the one technician who can do the inspection shows up on his own time he did not show up untill 11 and had other appointments before me it is now 2pm and my car still hasn't entered the shop...

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    You'll end up making multiple return trips due to their mechanics negligence. The cherry on-top being that they'll claim it's standard protocol and won't reimburse anything. The district manager didn't even offer an apology. A truly horrible experience

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    Dan T

    Very hard to get any one to help you in certain departments.

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    Blair D

    If only 0 stars was an option....

    It took over two hours for a simple oil change, and I waited in line for about an hour total to give them my keys and pick them up when it was ready. I felt really bad for the two people working the counter, being yelled at repeatedly the entire time I was there. I think it's time to hire a couple people!! Also, whoever answered the phone when I originally called to make the appointment was extremely rude. Some customer service lessons are badly needed at this location.

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    Darren S

    I couldn't leave the stars blank for a "0"

    I can honestly say I will NEVER BE BACK TO THIS TIRE/ AUTO REPAIR (yeah right auto repair, they haven't got a clue) store again!! DON'T GO!! I left my van to have winter tires put on on Saturday at 1:00pm, at 8:30 that night I called and it was finally ready, that's where it went downhill. Long long story short, they screwed up putting 4 winter tires and rims on my van, how do you screw up the most basic service job other then a oil change?? I will never go there and won't send anyone there

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    Phuqued A

    If it's in stock it's probably not even on the shelves

    Every month I would be at Canadian Tire up to 10 times, spending hundreds up to thousands a month. I bought most of my materials for projects here and countless tools. This all changed when a manager took objection to me wearing a backpack and decided to have her employees try to jump me and restrain me and root through my belongings. No one saw me take anything, no one saw me conceal anything, no one saw me do anything wrong except shop like the 3 dozen women who also had bags on their shoulder

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    I bought a new fr...

    I bought a new front left tire because of a slow leak and never noticed that they replaced the back rear tire instead. When I returned the service manager was rude, impolite, and talked to me in a loud voice and even suggested that I switched tires. I am 74 yrs old and I do not remove tires. Each time I had to wait 4 hours for them to just look at it. I will never go there for any auto repair, and do not recommend them to anyone. I also reported them to BBB. Beware of the auto section.

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    greeta d

    thank you for good costumer service

    I went to Canadian tire today to buy a tires and the costumer service was EXCELLENT!! the staff name Robert was friendly,helpful , and helped me with what I need, and I was very please with the service that I get. came outta store happy and it didn't take too much of my time. would like to see that happen more often in the future, keep up the excellent costumer service. and thank you Robert for all your help.

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