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    Terrible service

    If I could rate Cassiopeia's Bridal Boutique as less than 1 star, I would. I bought and paid for my wedding dress in October 2010. In June I went to the store and I noticed that it was definitely not my dress. It was a cheap version of my actual dress. At this point the salesgirl said, "We noticed that when this dress came in it was a custom order but on your original purchase order it didn't say anything about this being a custom order." So basically, they already knew that this wasn't my dress but didn't say anything at all in hopes that I didn't notice. The salesgirl says, "Don't worry - I already ordered the new dress and it will be here in July." At this point I am very worried because I still haven't been able to get the dress fitted, or pick out jewelry or other accessories because I was waiting for my dress to come in. But, there isn't much I can do about it so I say "okay" and we leave. Finally my real dress comes in the middle of August. I go to try it on and they pin it for alterations. In the meantime, I have asked them to do the alterations for free. A couple of days later the salesgirl calls me and says that the owner now refuses to do my alterations for me at all! The salesgirl is very apologetic and says she doesn't know why the owner is doing this but asks me if I would like her to leave the pins in the dress - I say yes. My mother gets involved at this point and tracks down the owner of the store. The owner is very unreasonable and now says that not only are they basically kicking me out of their store, she is also going to take the pins out! This is literally the worst customer service I have ever had. I should also add that I was very understanding and polite to everyone I encountered at the store. I would strongly encourage other brides to think twice before ordering a dress from this business,

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