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  • toilettage d'animaux,
925 St Mary's Rd, Winnipeg MB R2M 3R6

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    Amariah D

    I've only have good encounters here!

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    Stuart M

    Do Not Use This Groomer

    They did not listen and basically butchered my purebred Shih Tzu. We asked them not to touch her pony tail and they shaved the top of her head and left a tiny bit of hair on her forehead... Not sure what that was supposed to be? They did not clean the hair out of her ears and they did not clip her nails. Her hair cut was chunky and not smooth. Plus they shaved 2 bald spots on her bum. My poor baby was known for her beautiful pony tail and as a result I had to cut what they left because it looked so awful. I also brought in my male Shih Tzu at the same time and they literally shopped off his ears and did not give him the typical Shih Tzu puppy cut and also failed to clip his nails and left longer pieces that I had to clip off when I got home from work. This place obviously does not care about the work they do. I seriously recommend that you do not use this groomer. I could have done a better job myself. DO NOT USE THIS GROOMER. Update: Today we received a very nasty call from the groomer and all they did was make excuses for this poor service we received. She would not even let us get a word in and would not listen to anything I said. Obviously this is what caused the problem. "They don't listen". Any respectible business would have tried to rectify the situation, not this one. As far as we are concerned, this issue is a done deal. Hair will grow back but we caution other pet owners if you choose to use this groomer. The funny thing is that my regular groomer takes about 4 hours to groom my dog, and this groomer only took 2 hours. So it makes me question, the service they provide. They are obviously more interested in doing a quick sloppy job than offering a service that would keep their customers happy and returning regularly.

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