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    Nice patio, but overall not impressed

    Went out for after-work drinks with several coworkers and their significant others. I'm a newcomer to the 'Peg, and my fiancé was in town for a visit, so we wanted to celebrate and introduce him around. The wait for the patio was understandable-- it was a nice day, and it was Wednesday, so with their drink and food specials we expected it to be busy. The hostess was helpful in keeping us updated with the status of a patio table, eventually suggesting that we could split our party between two smaller, adjacent booths. Our server, however, looked and acted like she would rather be somewhere else. My favourite lines: "So, um, would you like to get some food now, or what??", and "Would you like more drinks...actually, you look like you're good!" *walks away without waiting to hear if WE think we're truly "good"*. We weren't terribly impressed with the food, either, when it came; my fiancé joked that "their scale must be broken!" There was no WAY that we had a pound of wings on that plate, and their idea of "searing hot" was our idea of "medium". And charging more for carrots and dip on the side?? Come on, that should be standard. The pan bread was good, and reasonably priced; the calamari was nice and tender, but a bit overpriced. With such lackluster service, combined with disappointing wings, we'll be suggesting other patios for work outings in the future.

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