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    I bought my weddi...

    I bought my wedding dress from Helene's at a sample sale, and had it altered there as well. Shelly was very helpful when looking for the style of dress I wanted, within my budget. Their seamstress is pretty good too. Overall I was quite satisfied with my dress, the service, and the quality (and speed!) of the alterations.

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    Carol S

    Poor after sales customer satisfaction

    My daughter and I went grad dress shopping on December 29 and after looking in several shops, found the perfect dress in this store. We purchased the dress here, as it was not available in other stores. They assured us that they would not sell this same dress to any other grad from her high school and proceeded to record the dress style in a book, of which my daughter was the first name for her school. We paid a deposit to have this dress custom made. I was called at the end of March to say it was ready and I called back 4 days prior to say when I would be coming in. In the meantime, my daughter spoke to another grad from the school and found out she had purchased the same dress at this shop. This girl was asked if she minded that another grad had the same dress, and she said no. However, my daughter bought it first, and was not contacted. When I went to pick up the dress, I explained this issue and they said that they did not say they would not sell that same dress in a different color. I stated that is not what they told us when we custom ordered it. They were not willing to reduce the price of the remaining cost. My daughter is quite upset - there will be 2 dresses out of the 40 female grads that will be the same. They suggested they could add a strap or more beading, but this is a strapless dress and has just a little beading, and I said that is the style that my daughter chose and she would not want it altered. They did not apologize for their blunder. When we got home (3 1/2 hours away) my daughter tried on the dress and found that they had not even steamed it. There were deep creases in the dress which was full length. If I had bought the dress off the rack or had not paid $450.00 for it, I would not expect this, but this was a custom ordered dress for a rural customer.

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