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    Best Kept Secret

    King's Palace on King Street is by far the best Chinese food I've ever had. It's the Chinese restaurant that I compare all other Chinese restaurant to...and I'm not just comparing it to other Chinese restaurants in Winnipeg, I compare it to all other Chinese restaurants anywhere I go. Considering my parents have been going to King's Palace since they were first dating, it's safe to say that I've been eating at King's Palace my whole life and I've yet to find another Chinese restaurant that comes close to being as amazing as this place. The atmosphere looks tacky, and the building looks rundown with a front sign that doesn't always work. Thank God you're not paying for the atmosphere. The food makes up for it all anyway- it's always hot and fresh and always, always tasty even when they are super busy which is most of the time so call ahead. The service is great as well- it's a very small place with an upstairs that is very rarely used- but all the servicers are family and that's how they treat their customers as well. The waitresses/owner even calls my grandmother 'Mama', that's how well they know us. Besides that, the prices are really good, some might even say below average- a big huge plate piled high with fried rice is $6.25 and each plate is more than enough for two five people. If you're looking for a place to go for good hot Chinese food with wonderful flavor and good service, go to King's Palace and don't rely on the atmosphere to lure you in- this place is the epitome of 'whole in the wall' and what it lacks in ascetics it more than makes up for in taste.

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