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  • Service: 3/5
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Very rude! They did not greet me and left me waiting for several hours. Do not recommend.

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I don't like thei...

I don't like their service, unwelcoming and unprof. While washing my hair the water is very warm (which is bad for your hair) and the water is splashing all over my face, the lady who helped me doesn't even care. Blow dry is not incl for $30, I walked out with wet hair and I hate the haircut. If you want w/ hairstyle, it cost extra $9+ (just for blow drying and litte style, which you can just do it by yourself). Will never come back again.

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Top Notch

I've been a customer of Mario's for over twenty years and I am very pleased. The staff are skilled and always courteous and the charges are reasonable.

Service: 5/5
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Worst Service EVER!

I DO NOT recommend Mario's to anyone! I went in on Friday and asked for a cut and color. I had asked for blonde underneath and was told it would not go platinum blonde but still blonde. It came out orange and I was not impressed. I was still charged 75$ for that color alone and 200$ for the entire thing. I came back the next day to speak with Mario and he was one of the rudest people I have ever met. He told me that he doesn't like customers like me and did nothing to help my situation. Not only would he not help me, but he kept calling me a liar and would not even fix it for me. I was not asking for my money back and I told him many times that I was very happy with the cut and other color, and I just wanted them to fix the "blonde". I was told that I could book an appointment to fix it for 65$ more... Why would I ever pay them more money to do something I already asked for and paid for?! MARIO'S IS A JOKE, OVER PRICED, AND VERY RUDE! Would not recommend this place to my worst enemy!

Service: 1/5
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