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We have eaten at this location many times before. Have not been there in the past year. We went in on a Saturday night and the kitchen was busy, but the resteraunt was not at all. Maybe 5-6 tables with people at them. Max amount at one table was 6. We waited about five minutes to have someone acknowledge we were there and sit us. After we were sat we waited 15- 20 minutes for someone to take our order. 2 servers walked twice each, but no one ever came to our table. We finally walked out

Service: 1/5
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Great service fast and friendly.

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Annette C

I am so very disa...

I am so very disappointed! We ordered on February 11, 2015. We had not ordered from Pizza Hut in well over 3 years, choosing other places less expensive and with more options. WHAT HAPPENED TO PIZZA HUT? Worse than the mass production pizza places. Burned pizza. No identifiable product on it. It looked like a box of...stuff. Not a pizza at all. No evidence of pepperoni, mushrooms, peppers..could not identify one single item...Just...burned sauce and cheese. We didn't eat it. Sad.

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