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    So exciting!! New Mortgage and new baby news!

    Thank you so much for the congrats!!...We are very excited.....getting the house was really important to us, and you were a big part of that so we thank you. We will be sure to bring little Noah for a visit, it will be nice for him to meet the women who helped make this all possible. Hope all is well and business is booming!! Have a wonderful summer! ~The Saindons

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    Mortgage Broker Jewels!!!

    "These ladies are truly JEWELS IN THE SEA of mortgage brokers." "I have had a mortgage for more than 10 years now, and have dealt with a number of different people. These two women go above and beyond what would ever be expected of them. I am the type of person who is all for immediate action and results, and normally I jump at the first deal that comes through, even if it was not that favourable. I just like to have things done." "When the first offer came in, and it truly was not very good, I considered going for it, but they looked me straight in the eye (not over the phone) and said Wendy this would not be in your best interest, let’s just sit back, take another look, clean up a couple minor issues and try again. I reluctantly did this and now only about 6 weeks later, I have just signed a new mortgage agreement with a much better rate and outcome." "These two women come highly recommended by me. I trust their work and also their opinions. I did not know them prior to this mortgage; I am just a VERY SATISFIED customer. Give them a try, I’m sure you will be happy that you did." Wendy Ring.

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    Helped us get our mortgage when no one else could!

    Sylvie was the Key to our Mortgage Solution! It was so nice and refreshing to walk in and have her say yes we can do that! After all of the turn downs we have gotten by other companies, she made it happen. Now we can build our addition on to our house like we have been trying now for over a year! Let Sylvie be the Key to your Mortgage Solution as well! I would recommend her to anyone! Krissy Atwin and Robert Morin

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