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    Crystal B

    My daughter got h...

    My daughter got her ears pierced & I had purchased special studs to make sure she had the right ones & this store wouldn't use them. Instead I had to spend more money and buy there's. My daughter complained for 2 months that her ears hurt. I simply thought it was because the holes were new. I used the medicine they gave us every day. A couple of days ago I had to remove one of the earrings & the infection flowed out. My 10 year old begged me to remove the other earring last night. I cleaned the earrings with alcohol & put them in my ears. They woke me in the night a few times. This morning I removed them & my ear lobes are still swollen, burning and sore all these hours later. I noticed these studs are not like any stud I have ever seen. They are sharp like needles/tacks. And they are NOT gold. They are a cheap medal. Something I couldn't see when we picked them out. We could only see the little flower on the front. This was supposed to be a special memory for my daughter & I but instead she is absolutely horrified now at the thought of putting earrings in. I am so glad this memory has been ruined and I am out around $40. Thanks so much.......

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