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    Megan O

    Not the most friendly in internet communication.

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    HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !!!!!!!!!!!I have been in many of Landry Limousine's limos in the past few years for bachelorette and weddings i have been apart of and we have had nothing but the newest most awesome limos and great services . Have been in with other limos services which have 1 or 2 older and smaller limo and nothing compares to Landry Limos vehicles and professionalism .

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    I recently rented a limo for my wedding day from Landry Limousines; the limo was 40 mins late, the driver was rude, the limo was old and not as fancy as the website makes them out to be. When I contacted the owner Mathieu Landry he said that stuff happens and that he provided a service therefore I would not be compensated for their poor service. There are lots of other great limo companies in NB.

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    Réponse du marchand 14 novembre 2014

    Limo was not late for client's wedding . It was at the first pick up ON TIME and driven the guys to the church in which then the bridal party had informed the chauffeur to then go pick up the rest of the bridal party at the same place the limo had just picked up the guys ( although they must not have been aware plans we're changed and the girls were actualy not at the same hotel ) . Which this had delayed the pick up of the girls of about 25 mins. In which the driver went over the time ( over an hour extra ) than they had paid for in order to compensate for the time lost to hopefully try to help them on their special day free of charge . And now they are stating that the chauffeur was rude and the owner says that stuff happens because they now wanted to have this service free of charge . We do not have old or un-fancy limos and the limo this client had was actualy a new limo we had that wasn't even on the website yet therefore the limo that was on the website was our older model that was traded in for this new limo she had . We are known to be the only limo service to have the most updated and unique limos in New-Brunswick and have many return clients who do appreciate our services that kept us growing for years and have never had a complaint for our services or our limos . It's a shame that someone would give a bad review to a company that works so hard on having the best limos and best services to offer clients just because one client wanted a free limo ride for their wedding .


    #1 limo service strongly recommended

    Best limo service ever !!! chauffeur was fully dressed in tuxedo , chauffeur hat , white gloves and due to the rain , even had an umbrela to walk us over the red carpet . The limo inside and out was amazing . I have been in other limos with other limo services and nothing could even compared to Landry Limousines . Best limos and best service .

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