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    Branden G

    Never any issues....

    Never any issues. Great service and always fast

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    Very misleading people. Not to be trusted.

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    This company has terrible service and almost 0 knowledge which is mind blowing with the experience you think they would have. From my experience i bought a $1300 custom built PC which had problems since day 1, i had a year warranty and every time it was brought in the would do a minor fix to make it work for a while or say nothing was wrong so they don't have to replace the parts. At one point I was waiting for my PC to be checked when the owner (Steve) told me he had a headache and was going to go eat instead, so he would call me the next day. Not only did i not receive a call the next day but a few days later when I did I was told there was nothing wrong, and by this point my warranty was over in a few days with no chance of them ever making a proper fix. If i could rate this 0/5 stars i would, do not go here. Do not waste the time and money.

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