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  • Cuisine américaine,

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  • Français,
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121 Pine Glen Rd, Riverview NB E1B 1V5
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Gisele M

Love this restaurant! Awesome staff also!

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Service was unreal-food is simple homemade .clearly not frozen. The best draft selection in Greater Moncton and my favourite CHILLED GLASSES. The restaurant also donates a ton of time and money to local schools and charities so makes it easy to support them.

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Running out of Time @ The Five Bridges

We were pleased when we heard the news that Brett Judson would be bringing is culinary expertise accross the River...We love The City Grill The food is great...The service is S-L-O-W.... We have visited on several occassions at different times throughout the day and evening...One common denominator... slow service....At the very least offer up a drink once the guest are seated to keep us engaged and avoid Lunch Rage! If you choose to have a business luncheon and your client only has an hour this is not the place for you...1 hour 35 was the best time yet... We really enjoy the atmosphere, Food etc...However find ourselves skipping this establishment on the account of lack of time available Dinner was packed with Awesome Food...Once again S-L-0-W service..... Have gone for Nacho's and a guessed it....Great Nacho's Service.....Extremely times painfully S-L-O-W.... We do understand that menu items are freshly made and that does take time....Just Please Get to the tables and at the very least keep the refreshments of choice coming...It will buy alot of forgiveness and even increase the average sale I'm sure! The servers are very nice don't get me wrong, there just is no sense of urgency to get 'em in get 'em looked after! Hope this finds the Right Person to make the changes!

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Didn't even know this place existed !

We live in Riverview, traffic was heavy me and my husband turned down Pine Glen Rd to save a few minutes and luckily we did. We seen signs for "Five Bridges" where the old Saxby's use to be and we decided to drop in. The atmosphere was UNREAL, very warm, great music and staff greeted us as if we were regulars. The food was great, our appetizer came out just minutes before our main course but other than that our meal and service was AMAZING, simple yet delicious. My husband and I rarely write reviews but we had too this time because we are so happy to have a restaurant in Riverview we are proud to go too. Great job guys and see you again soon. Mary and Geoff

Atmosphère: 5/5
Nourriture: 4/5
Service: 4/5
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Great new place in Riverview!!

My husband and I had dinner and a few drinks at the new Five Bridges a few weeks ago. We enjoy eating out and always try every new restaurant in the city, and this one was a very pleasant surprise. Being the third night that they were open, we expected a "learnning curve" but were wrong. They were all right on their game. The food was excellent, the service and staff were first class, going as far as suggesting different items on the menu that they had tried. The fresh made tartar sauce is the best we have ever had!!. Lots of choices on the menu, something for everyone. To everyone in Moncton....definately worth "crossing the bridge for". Special thanks to Nancy, Mark and Scott for the great service. We will definitely be going back....maybe tonight!!

Atmosphère: 5/5
Nourriture: 5/5
Service: 5/5
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shouldn't have given it a second chance

On my second visit, I received the wrong cut of steak, and it was overdone. After being told by the server, that the kitchen is 100% sure it was correct, I brought it to the manager’s attention, and after a brief conversation, I was told to “eat my potato”, which was disgustingly cold and slimy by the way, and he walked away. After 2 bad experiences, I wouldn't go back if it was free.

Atmosphère: 4/5
Nourriture: 1/5
Service: 1/5
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