Vito's Pizza

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  • Lounge,

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  • Italienne,


  • Pizza,
2 Peel Plaza, Saint John NB E2L 3G6
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  • 11 $ à 25 $,

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terrible food

We tried 2 of the Vito's restaurants while in Saint John and were disappointed both times. The worst being our last visit. We had 2 pasta dishes which were not worth $50! One of them the pasta was undercooked, and the alfredo sauce was runny + lumpy. The chicken in the dishes was very low quality. The waitress didn't even come back to see how our meal was. Would not recommend!

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Good, but... Been there, done that...

I like Vito's restaurants; I have been to all 3 of the Saint John locations several times each, and I might have been to the Moncton location. They have probably the best Caesar Salad in the entire city, and otherwise their menu is very good; lots of selection, well cooked and overall yumalicious. (Yes, that is a real word. I just said so—ipso fatso... uh... facto). When you go into a Vito's restuarant, you will have a good time; there are always people laughing somewhere, the smells are great; the entire atmosphere is very nice indeed. Today was no exception. Somebody was having some type of party— birthday or retirement, I couldn't tell— but all were having a good time. My lunch order started with bruschetta and feta cheese, a tasty, cool, Alpine lager beer (it being a hot, humid day... OK it was a day...) and for the main course the "Penne Zesto", which I have had before, and really did enjoy. This was a very satisfying meal. Nicely priced, quickly served, and well presented. But... The bruschetta was ordinary, at best. Not bad, but nothing special. The Penne Zesto consisted of penne pasta (hence the name), in a home-made "rosé" sauce, with lots of lovely sliced mushroom, green and red sweet peppers, bacon, sliced hot banana peppers, green onion... and probably something else I can't recall. It was good, however. Good, yes. Great? No. The pasta was a little overcooked, being somewhat past "al dente". And this is a pasta dish, isn't it? In any case it had a very nice level of spice for me. My wife would not have liked it at all, just because of that, but I found it very good. However, there is nothing subtle about this dish, and therein lies the problem. It is tasty, spicy and filling, but it can quickly overwhelm the tastebuds. Is it possible for a food to have too much flavor? Perhaps this is the one. Once again, don't get me wrong; I did enjoy this dish despite the slight overcooking of the pasta, but I have had better, even in this same restaurant. I would refer anyone to any one of Vito's locations, any time. Perhaps today was a bit of an anomaly. I'll be back, no fear.

Atmosphère: 4/5
Nourriture: 4/5
Service: 4/5
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