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    Jill C

    Bark Busters REALLY Works!!!

    I just had to write and say how impressed we are with Bark Busters. After reading both good and not so good reviews, we thought we'd take a chance. We needed help with a very aggressive little dog and was ready to do the work. Lisa Marshall is a fantastic trainer who taught us how to communicate with our dog without treats or threats. After just one session with Lisa, our dog will not run to the door barking and jumping on visitors. She comes when called and pays attention. She even stopped barking at a squirrel and came back to me when called. It's amazing! Worth every penny.The homework assignments that Lisa provides is easy to follow and her followup and service is fantastic. In just a couple of days, I've already seen a complete turnaround in my dog's behaviour. I control her, she no longer controls me. I highly recommend Lisa Marshall @ Bark Busters. - J. Chen, Toronto

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    Barkbusters is fantastic!!

    I first started barkbusters 3 years ago at which time my adult dog was having accidents in the house, was constantly going on furniture she shouldn't and could not go for a walk properly. We were able to solve all of these issues after only one visit by following the homework given to us dilligently. Now three years later, my dog, Emily, has been having issues with barking at every single noise she hears and going crazy anytime someone came to the door. She followed us around everywhere, was begging at the table and seemed to be taking on the role of leader. Lisa Marshall came to our house recently to give us training tips on how to change these disruptive and ultimately harmful to the dog habbits. She gave us a very detailed explanation on why Emily is exhibiting these behaviours and convinced my mom and I that if we work hard at it, these things can change. After seeing an immediate change in my dog I was excited. While it's only been a couple of days since the visit, she seems to be responding well to the corrections we were taught to make and I have every confidence that she will be a different dog and happier dog once this process is complete. Lisa immediately followed up with us and sent our homework chart along and plans to return in a week to follow up and teach us the next steps as we could only focus on a couple problems at once. In summary, I would highly recommend calling barkbusters to anyone who has issues with their dog, whether they have a puppy or older dog as I do. Since. Also, Lisa has been very helpful if I've had any questions and is VERY quick to respond. I am so happy and hope if you have a dog with bad habbits you'll give them a try. I promise you will not be disappointed!!!!!

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    life before Bark Busters Toronto was unmanageable!

    “Before we called Lisa Marshall from Bark Busters Toronto our lives had become a complete nightmare that revolved around our dog’s bad behaviour. She terrorized anyone coming up the front steps by charging the door and barking, we’d have to hold her back by the collar. She was also destructive when we left her alone. Walking her on the leash was not the enjoyable stroll we had hoped for but a chore no one in the house wanted to take on anymore. This was our last hope as we’d taken her to puppy school and classes in dog obedience where she passed with flying colours – but at home continued to be a nightmare! Lisa came in and showed us how dogs communicate with each other and using the techniques she showed us we were amazed with the results. The very first lesson Lisa customized a homework plan to start to tackle our specific issues – number one was her behaviour at the door! We said we’d be amazed if she could get Lola to stay away from door let alone not to bark when the bell was rung. Well, slack jawed and amazed we were as first my husband then myself took turns following Lisa’s instructions on how to teach Lola the door was now off limits and our responsibility! She stopped the charge before it even began and didn’t bark, in fact, she started to TURN AWAY FROM THE DOOR when we knocked on it! AMAZING! We will recommend anyone to Bark Busters Toronto and highly recommend the light hearted teaching approach of Lisa Marshall – who turned our frustration into complete joy with our dog. It took practice and work on our part but now Lola is a well exercised and loved member of our pack and she no longer feels the need to try to be the leader because we show her who is in charge on a daily basis! THANKS LISA! S. Cooper – High Park, Toronto”

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    Lifetime Guarantee of Service

    I first hired a Bark Busters trainer in Central Toronto for my two dogs. The second dog's training was provided at 1/2 price! Both dogs were covered under the life of the dog gaurantee. My dogs barked at the door, had crate issues and would lunge at other dogs. The trainer came in and talked about dog behaviour and leadership. Explaining that dog's see things from a dog perspective not a human perspective and that without leadership they felt unsafe and took over the leadership by protecting the house and their pack (us). In order to change their behaviour we had to become better leaders. A lot of problems were fixed at the end of the first lesson. the Dog aggression was cured slowly over time with training and consistency on our part to let the dogs know they didn't need to be the leaders of our pack. A few years later when we moved we had a refresher with a new trainer to get US back on track - and it was free - covered under the gaurantee! We received bi-weekly email tips for 10 weeks and had ongoing phone support to find out if we were doing things right! I would highly recommend Bark Busters to help you understand how to be a better dog owner and make your dog's feel more at ease.

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