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    no reliable contract and estimate

    we had an Humphreys landscape & construction consultant at our projet site for a backyard renovation. He took mesurements and all informations needed to set up an estimate and contract. After 2 weeks we decide to go forward for the job so we signed the contract. It was a month before they could start the job. But 24 hours before they start the job I was told that the actual estimate had a mistake and they ask me a 28% increase for the project. They couldn't really gave me a reason. They had 6 weeks to double check the estimate/contract., Helloo.. I had different quote from other companies and Humphreys told me the best they could do was to match its. I was so upset than I refuse to give them the contract and when to see a better company with better ethic work. "No Job too Difficult" Humphreys motto, oh yes, at this price....they will do everything. Do not understand how they can be part of BBB

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    Réponse du marchand 16 avril 2013

    Unfortunately and regrettably, sometimes we do make mistakes. With this project, we underestimated the materials needed and didn’t realize this until the materials had already been ordered for the retaining wall and upon double checking the materials needed for the patio, we found our error. We informed the customer of this error and offered to do the work for the next lowest estimate that they had received for this project. The customer declined our offer and unfortunately went away dissatisfied. Our company has been in business since 1996 and this particular incident was only the second time in 17years that we had to cancel a contract for an error made on an estimate. On three or four other occasions where we made an error on an estimate, we had still gone on to complete the project at our original price and had taken the loss. But unfortunately in this case the amount of the loss would have been too costly for us to incur as a small company that wants to be around to serve our customers for many years to come. Our company proudly has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau as we have always strived to do our best work for our customers and will consistently continue to do so.

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