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    Customer service

    I bought a stick of memory at Toadco's in Cole Harbour, based on the owners advice that it would work in my computer, I even bought in the stick that came out to the machine to show him. I later found out that it didn't work, that it was to new for my computer. This was a question the owner did not ask me, he show me the stick and it was 3 dollars cheaper then the other one, he told me it didn't make a difference, so I bought the cheaper of the two. When I wen t back for a refund, I was told that there was no refunds at the shop. I was told that signs were all over the place. As I stood there looking, I seen a sign for a yard sale, and sign for a sale of some vechiles, other notice all over the walls. I ask where the sign was, they showed me over my left shoulder at the checkout where the sign was. So when you are paying the sign is behind you! Good business pratice. After a short conflict with the owner, he went over to the till and got my $40.00's, pick up my computer and walked it to my car. At my car he told me never to come back to his little shop of horror. WOW!!! He gave me bad advice, I asked for my money back, and he is telling me never to come back. God business is rough. Consumers beware, these little business that think they can tke your money and run... THEY CAN'T!!!

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