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    Good food, bad customer service

    We hired Turning Leaf to cater our evening wedding reception of appetizers. I believe it’s a mother-daughter team that run the business and while the food was great, their customer service was horrible. The mother, right from our tasting meeting to the wedding day was out and out rude and obnoxious. When she wanted to get paid, she had no problem interrupting a conversation I was having at my wedding reception so she would get her cheque. My mother in law and other family members had to arrange desserts, which they prepared, on trays in the kitchen they shared with the caterers, and they all said how rude and unpleasant the older lady was. To top it off when the wedding was over, there was quite a bit of food left over. Now seeing as how we paid for it-all of it, we should have kept it, but they packed it up and took it with them. The mother was so aggressive I didn’t dare question it-not worth it on my wedding day. I can understand working in an industry where you deal with high maintenance brides and their families would get old. We however, weren't like that, and it shouldn't be reflected in a caterer owner's customer service-thats very, very bad business sense. All in all, while everyone liked the food, their rudeness left such a bad taste in our mouths, that I would never recommend them to anyone.

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