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133 Kearney Lake Rd, Halifax NS B3M 4N9
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Only could give it a 2 because...

Hello, I stayed at this Holiday Inn for business reasons and was organized by another party, I could only give it a 2 and here's why. The service was fantastic, along with the food, at breakfast only, the room was great and comfortable, as well as a wonderful atmosphere and loved also the fact of no smoking rooms, however after signing in and sharing with them I needed quiet for I am a light sleeper, I have a disability, climbing stairs is quite difficult and after researching online how I would delight in the pool and jacuzzi....with please and thank you as always with politeness, I soon discovered, sadness. The pool nor the jacuzzi were working, they put me on the 3rd floor and the elevators were not working, plus they put 3 very noisy people right across the hall from me....they were going in and out of their rooms all night and talking to each other loudly with their doors open, they took up two rooms. I was unable to sleep and succumbed to more pain from having to climb the stairs. I was driving in from Saint John NB and was quite tired plus I had stressful events to go to the next drive all the way back to Saint John, NB. Now the staff were great like I mentioned and although I would have liked a restaurant the breakfast was great but for the other things it overall was not relaxing nor enjoyable. I just wished they had posted of the non working elevator, pool and jacuzzi. Another party did make this reservation for me....but my advise would be to make sure you call a Hotel first before you arrive just to make sure what they advertise is really true and working....thank you.

Atmosphère: 3/5
Nourriture: 4/5
Service: 3/5
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