Clayton Park Medical Clinic

278 Lacewood Dr, Halifax NS B3M 3N8
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    I am from Quebec city and was in need of going to the clinic while I was in Halifax. Went there, had to pay 40$ and I saw the doctor 5 minutes later. I was really happy to avoid going to the hospital, it was fast and the doctor was really professional. I recommand it for sure!!

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    Went by today to get a referral done to a doctor I had been waiting to see. Waiting 2 hours in the waiting area and another half hour in the room. When finally seen the doctor was rude, impatient and literally saw me for less than 2 minutes. He was judgemental about why I was stopping my birth control and wouldnt let me get a word in edge wise despite trying to tell him the name of the doctor I wanted to see.

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    Waited over an hour in the waiting room while everyone else who checked in after me were called, terrible service

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    Paula N

    Each appointment lasts about five minutes (and, as a visitor to Canada, I was paying 80 dollars every time!). The doctor is unfriendly and impatient. I wouldn't go there again even if it were the last medical clinic in Halifax.

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    Rhonda S

    I was waiting all day to get to the clinic as it was the only WALK IN clinic I could get to after work only to find a sign on the door that all the appointments were booked. Explain to me how there is a need for an appointment when it is a walk in clinic. I was there an hour and a half before it was due to close could not get in. Ridiculously unacceptable.

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    Kim S

    dropped into the ...

    dropped into the walk in clinic at 6 PM Friday night. Lady at the desk was very friendly and quite busy with phones when she wasn't with a client. I waited only 20 minutes and saw a woman doctor who was cheerful and very helpful. The service was very good and the office was clean and nicely decorated. I would use this clinic again.

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    Shiona W

    Receptionists are...

    Receptionists are always rude. I've been going there for over a year and I have never had a pleasant experience with any of the receptionists. Doctor is great and wastes no time.. but finally decided to go elsewhere

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