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47 Paint St, Port Hawkesbury NS B9A 3J9
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Quelle note donneriez-vous à cette entreprise?
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    I wish...

    that when a bride or family go to pick up their flowers that they are in pristine condition. (not brown on the edges) That when the floral arrangments are done they stay together through out the day let alone the ceremony that you get the exact flowers you have long requested and paidfor or be told in advance that the availabilty is not there so as to be able to alter the order. and if they are not done to specifications you can at least get some monies returned or if time permits redone order that was not the case and had to go with what was provided and well thoses pictures are to last at least my life time Sorry but I know I am not the only one and regret to say I would not be able to recommend.

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