Marlowe Restaurant & Wine Bar

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Type de restaurant

  • Grilladerie,
  • Restaurant gastronomique,
  • Lounge,

Type de cuisine

  • Internationale,
  • Italienne,


  • Fruits de mer,
  • Végétalienne,
  • Dessert,


  • Restaurant avec service de réception,
  • Menu à prix fixe,
  • Restaurant avec stationnement,
  • Restaurant avec salles privées,
  • Restaurant avec spectacles,
  • Restaurant avec service de traiteur,


  • Branchée,
  • Décontractée,

Langues parlées

  • Anglais,
155 York Boulevard, Richmond Hill ON L4B 3B4
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Appelez pour plus d'information: Dimanche.
Appelez pour plus d'information: Dimanche.
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  • 11 $ à 25 $,

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Évaluations et commentaires - Marlowe Restaurant & Wine Bar

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Jenna, our server, made the experience so enjoyable! We had a retirement dinner last night. We were provided with a wonderful description of the menu. A lot of laughs. Jenna has a level 3 Sommelier course, if you are interested in Wine. She’s Greek, so loves lamb! But watch out, she’s pretty witty having a Bachelor degree Psychology. It was nice to have such a personable server. We had a lovely room to chat with our group. The food was delicious. Our retiree was provided with a free dessert.

Atmosphère: 5/5
Nourriture: 4/5
Service: 5/5
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Went for the first time with a group of friends for dinner. We had no idea it's also a full out night club. Great music. Good bottle service prices. Great night.

Atmosphère: 5/5
Nourriture: 5/5
Service: 5/5
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I would have left zero stars but the second waiter we had was great. The first waitress we has was new and she was terrible. We did not get one of our courses and when we spoke to the manager they did nothing but change our waiter. She was dressed in a tank top and tights and looked like she came from the gym. Nothing was comped until we got the bill and I complained again at this point they said they would take 15% off. Terrible management. Will never go again.

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Hilda S

I had my birthday here on Friday. We had a big table of 15 people and they didn't miss a beat with or food and service. The server was very knowledgeable, polite and pleasant. The food was the best I've ever had in any restaurant in Toronto. I can't wait to go there again!

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Last year my best friend had her wedding reception there. Was the nicest wedding party I've been besides one in Bermuda. I threw a surprise party for my fiancé's bd on Saturday night. We had a large party and the place was packed. Service was good and they were working hard. I loved the veal scaloppini and the cheesecake. We got bottle service after and danced. Music was good. Mix of top 40 mainly with some latin dance songs hits we loved. We'll go back and may throw our engagement party there.

Atmosphère: 5/5
Nourriture: 5/5
Service: 4/5
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Great restaurant in Richmond Hill

Been coming here for years. Excellent food, service and very beautiful people. At nights it turns into to a nightclub.

Atmosphère: 5/5
Nourriture: 5/5
Service: 5/5
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