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Church Street’s Lola’s Kitchen, located just south of Bloor Street, occupies a heritage building constructed in 1878. The three-storey former residential dwelling, built in the Second Empire architectural style, is the perfect edifice for a spacious and striking restaurant serving outstanding food and drink.

The name Lola’s Kitchen was chosen to honour a ladyan Aunt Lolawho is rumoured to have lived in the grand house in the late nineteenth century. “That’s the story and apparently the building is haunted, maybe it’s Lola, who knows?” front of house manager Alex Dooley says with a smile.

It’s hard to imagine a ghost haunting such an elegant and thriving restaurant in such a favourable downtown location. Alex, building and business owner Elliott Sud, general manager Courtney Pitchford, and kitchen manager Ben O’Brien work together to make sure the food and service honour the restaurant’s beautiful space.

That space is wonderfully embellished by artwork from Toronto’s Goodfellas Gallery. It also features chandeliers, high ceilings, comfortable seating, exposed brick and piping, a fireplace, huge windows, a mural, indoor seating for 79 guests and a huge elevated front patio.

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