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188 Augusta Ave, Toronto ON M5T 2L6
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Ouvert 11:00 - 23:00

Modes de paiement:


  • 11 $ à 25 $,

Heures d'ouverture *Horaire des Fêtes


Type de restaurant

  • Pizzeria,

Type de cuisine

  • Italienne,


  • Pizza,


  • Restaurant avec service de réception,
  • Restaurant avec internet sans fil,
  • Plat à emporter,


  • Familiale,
  • Intime,

Produits et services

  • Nourriture bio,
  • Marché de produits frais,
  • Télévision par satellite,

Langues parlées

  • Anglais,
  • Italien,

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Growing up in Salerno, Italy, Romolo Salvati had everything he could want: the sun, the beach and the best Italian food in the world. But he was always on the move. "In 1986, I came to Toronto to play soccer," Romolo recalls. "The team owner liked me and my pizza and my soccer ball, and I signed a contract to play here."

For years, Romolo had no real roots. He travelled back and forth from Toronto to New York, to Vancouver, to Italy. In 2006, he met his wife and that's when he realized he felt that Toronto's Italian food scene had gone downhill. "Everywhere we went, I found the Italian food tasted more like American food – not good enough, not special."

So he took a job at a restaurant making pizza from scratch and  pretty soon he was getting noticed. After a glowing review was written about his pizza, he got a call from the owner of a pizza parlour in Kensington Market. "He was a Chinese guy running a pizza place," Romolo remembers. "He wanted more authentic food and he wanted me to cook it."

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