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    Humera M

    Horrible doctor even the pharmacist admits hes extremely stubborn. He didn't do anything, literally nothing. All he said was the child is fine go home and never go to the hospital or doctor and wouldn't let us talk about our concerns either. He just seems to kick everybody out, it is no wonder the clinic looks terrible. Seems to be poorly ran too. Never again! Sad considering it would have been nice to have an actual child's clinic

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    1. The clinic moved, theres a barely readable hand written sign on the door that tells you theyve moved. I saw a couple carry a new born out into the freezing cold only to have to pack the new born backup 2. The doctor was 25 minutes late! 3. Seemed like he was prescribing antibiotics to every kid, he didn't even listen to anything I had to say. 4. He didn't include everything on the prescription and the pharmacist said the dose was EXTREMELY low for my child's weight

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    Mat G

    If you feel your baby is really sick just go to ER

    Went in with 6 week old projectile vomitting baby that wouldn't hold food down and the paediatrician told us to burp him after each feed and Feed him sitting up then put him in car seat so he can digest better. I thought that was common knowledge among parents but apparently it's advice that doctors give parents with starving babbies then send them on their way. days later we took him to a real doctor and it was pyloric stenosis thankfully we didn't trust this clinic and our baby is alive

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