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You might walk into Mister Pet planning to buy a puppy and walk out with a goldfish. Or you might intend to purchase a goldfish and leave with a puppy. It all depends on where the conversation you have with the store’s staff leads you. ‟Through talking with us and learning about the ins and outs of caring for different animals, we help customers make the right decision about a pet," says owner Al Duncan. ‟It doesn`t pay if it isn’t a good fit for both the person and the pet.”

With a range of birds, fish, reptiles, hamsters, guinea pigs, kittens and puppies living in the store, you're bound to come away with a friend that suits you, whether it has fur, feathers or fins.

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    Alan, the owner has been very accommodating. He orders in a product (Yappetizers) for my dog that I could only get downtown. Since my pet only gets the best I want to continue to get these for her. Thx Alan for going above and beyond what others are willing to do! Continued success!!!

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