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    You wont find a better selection or more expert advice anywhere. Pet stores that try to do everything often end up doing nothing well. This store specializes in tropical fish and does a great job of it!

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    Kelly R

    Was injured in the parking lot and it was due to their negligence. There was a bad ice storm and the following day I was running errands and all of the parking lots all morning/afternoon had been salted and cleaned except for theirs. When I stepped out of the truck I put my foot down on the ground and there was a huge patch of ice right there. I fell and ended up being diagnosed with whiplash and pulled muscles. I let them know about it but they didn't bother responding at all.

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    Drift Wood with a side of Bedbugs

    I was fine with the service that you get normally from big al's. The staff were friendly enough. But I bought a piece of what looks like drift wood from here and when I took it home it got washed and immediately put it in the tank. A couple days later I'm looking in the tank and there are a few bed bugs crawling around. I am not impressed at all!

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    Réponse du marchand 14 mai 2014

    Greetings, I can appreciate your circumstance. However, we have inspected all our driftwood in store and we have not fount evidence of bed bugs or other insects. We have been using the same supplier for over 15 years and have had no issues to date.

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