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  • Cuisine américaine,


  • Grillades,
  • Cuisine réconfortante,
  • Hamburger,


  • Décontractée,

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  • Anglais,
66 Barrie View Dr, Barrie ON L4N 8V4
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  • 11 $ à 25 $,

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Bad Management

I purchased the top steak on the menu and it was nothing but grizzle. Management stated all the steaks are the same. I refused to accept the steak and was told too bad. Never going back every again...do not recommend this restaurant to anyone.

Atmosphère: 1/5
Nourriture: 1/5
Service: 1/5
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Horrible Montana Experience - Never Ever Again!!

On Thursday 20 Sept, my husband, myself and our guest ate dinner at Montana's. I will only discuss my meal as that was enough to turn us off Montana's for life. I ordered a Caesar Salad to come in advance of the Rib-eye meal. The Rib-eye came first to which I pointed out to the servers that my salad should have already arrived. The rib-eye was nothing short of the grizzliest steak I have ever had. I attempted to dismantle the steak to find bits that might be edible but even that was stringy. 70% of the steak was straight out grizzle and fat. I pointed out to our waitress that the steak was horrible. She stated she would speak with the manager. She came back to the table more than once asking if i received my salad, order and deliver more beverages and then finally bring my salad. When the bill came, we asked why there was no response to the steak being poor quality. She then came back to the table and told us that the manager would do nothing. You would think that when managing a restaurant, if there is a problem, the manager should address the complaint in person. Bottom line, I am disgusted at the service more than the steak. Montana's will never get my business again.

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Gone way downhill

Montana's has long since been my favorite restaurant to go to on a night out. The past two times that I have gone out, the ribs have been absolutely TERRIBLE. I don't know if they use a different meat supplier or what, but its the quality of the food, not just the preparation of it. The server asked us how our food was, and I let her know I was not impressed with the rib's, and she agreed that a lot of people lately have complained about them, but she wasn't sure what had changed. She was very nice and friendly, and received a great tip as a result.. but the food itself was horrible.

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