Great Wok Chinese Restaurant

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2-100 Mearns Ave, Bowmanville ON L1C 5M3
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After reading the reviews, I ordered for meal for 4 A option. The chicken fried rice had no chicken. The food was stale and the oil used for cooking stinks. The food tasted pathetic. I love Chinese food and I am a avid traveler and a foodie but I have never eaten such horrible food. Needless to say it all went in the garbage!!! Horrible first experience!! Never again

Nourriture: 1/5
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Amazing! Great Wok is great!

Atmosphère: 5/5
Nourriture: 5/5
Service: 5/5
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Noodles were not cooked, chicken balls were small and tasted strange. Sweet and sour sauce tasted like gym socks I ate the egg roll and threw everything else in the garbage. I ended up with only a bowl of cereal for dinner cause of them.

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the people are nice there and our food is always awesome ...they always load our plates well ,,we been going here for 6 years now ,,we love it

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All the food is very greasy.Ordered sweet and sour shrimp and took the baseball size batter off to find a baby shrimp inside.I ended up throwing it out. Front counter is dirty and unorganized.Never again will I order from there.

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Pass on this one

I tried them when they first opened and was not impressed with the food so I gave them a second chance a few months later. They were slow cooking the food and they weren't too friendly. The flavor of the food was not what one is used to for this kind of food. Don't really recommend them.

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Worst Chinese food ever

We ordered from this place for the first and last time. I find Chinese food pretty consistent across the board and have never really found one that I can say I didnt like........unitl now. The chicken balls are tiny, practically meatless balls of fried batter (about hald the size of a timbit). The vegetable fried rice is tastless, pale, undercooked and laced with some form of lettuce type leaves (which I guess is the vegetable). The honey garlic spare ribs, which are usually sweet, sticky, chewy pieces of goodness....are boiled looking hunks of meat in some form of watery broth. My husband will eat pretty much anything and couldn't choke this meal down. The only thing that this place has going for them is their fast and friendly service.

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Good thing gone bad

When I first moved to Bowmanville 2 years ago, I think this take out place was fairly new. At that time, I thought the food was excellent. Since then, something has gone wrong!!!! Last time I ordered there I got some wonton soup that I could barely eat half of. It was that bad. I have noticed that across the board the food quality has been a downslide. Maybe that is why there pickup times have gone from 30 minutes to 10. Yes, they are cheaper than other Chinese restaurants in town ..... since the others are OVERPRICED.

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