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  • Service: 3/5
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Had my tires changed out today at Rocky Island and I was very impressed with the service, right from the time I called to book the appointment. The people I worked with were very sincere and helpful. I thought I needed an alignment but they didn't just do it, they asked me questions to make sure it needed doing. They are very honest, and we will return for sure. The whole experience was great!

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Had trailer hitch installed. Quick service answerd all questions. Great fit and works as it should. Keep up good work!

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March 19,2012 I am the owner of thee companies, house building, painting and moving cargo all over the world. I have been dealing with Rocky Island for at least 12 years, everything from tires, front end, suspension and brakes. I have nothing but PRAISE for everyone at Rocky Island, from sales, parts and all the guys in the shop. They are the politest and most knowledgable people I have ever come across in this industry. The last time I was there I had some front end and suspension work done on my pickup. The guys had made a mistake as to what kind of shocks were in the front, so they changed them with much more expensive units. When I was told this I offered to pay 50% of the cost, I was told no way, we messed up and will cover the cost. How much more can you expect from a company? This is but one of the things that leaves me singing praises for Rocky Island. Thanks guys, I'll be back.

Service: 5/5
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Warning! read this before you take your car here

I took my car here when I noticed I had a fuel leak. The next day I picked it up after hours and I noticed that my car was running very rough. I figured there was some air in the fuel line and thought nothing of it. The next morning as I tried to leave for work, the car would barely idle without stalling. I had to take a cab into work and have the car towed back to them. It turns out that they hosed down the engine (which was unneccessary, the leak was the size of a pinhole) and soaked the distributor cap and wires in the process. They said they would fix it, but charge me for parts and only provide free labour. I finally got the car back the next day, and I noticed that the fuel line "repair" was a rubber splice on a high pressure solid steel line that they charged me $200 for. I told them I was unhappy with the patch job, and I wanted a replacement line, but they insisted that it was an adequate repair, and they would not fix it further. So, all in all, I spent $200 for a rubber splice, which I will have to fix myself when I can find the time, and another $230 for new parts that I did'nt need before I took the car to them. Oh, and my cruise control doesn't work anymore.

Service: 1/5
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