Burrito Boyz


Type de cuisine

  • Mexicaine,


  • Restauration rapide,
  • Taco,
  • Empanadas,
  • Nachos,


  • Plat à emporter,


  • Décontractée,

Produits et services

  • Chorizo,
  • Salsa,

Langues parlées

  • Anglais,
210 Queen St E, Brampton ON L6V 1B7
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Évaluations et commentaires - Burrito Boyz

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    very good burrit...

    very good burritos, but they do rush you through your toppings, almost like they are annoyed. I guess they need to be fast to get through all the orders they have.

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    Inconsistent and slow

    This was my go-to, "what do I want" place. I used to be able to overlook the slowness of the service. Some nights you can wait 20 minutes for your order. What gets me is how inconsistent this place is. Firstly, the staff member who dresses your burrito gets pissed if you list the toppings one at a time, but if you don't they'll screw it up. It's happened to me twice. If you order over the phone, be prepared to eat someone else's burrito, as they've given me the wrong burrito twice as well. I know you're thinking "only 2 problems?" How many times does someone have to screw up your order before you change how you do things? Sometimes, my large steak burrito, with the same toppings, weighs 600 grams. Yes, I weigh them. Last night, it weighed 450. I have a kitchen scale, and have been weighing them for about a year, and the weight varies, between 400-600 grams. You don't see how much meat they put in them, but that and the cheese are the expensive toppings. There is no nutritional information available, and the amount of toppings depends on the mood of the staff member dressing it. I only go in there with a coupon, because it's not worth it at full price.

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    Fresh and filling

    I got a large burrito and a quesadilla from this place and it was absolutely fantastic. The burrito is the size of an adult's stomach. They jam pack it full of goodness that makes you forget that this is just one form of fast food. Then they grill it so that the tortilla is crispy on the outside. The quesadilla wasn't as magnificent but it was good in it's own way. There is some room for improvement. The quesadilla from streets of Mexico City with its questionable hygiene was tastier and more satisfying.

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    Best Burrito EVER!

    I am so glad they open a Burrito Boys in Brampton, I use to only have it when I went downtown. It is the best burrito EVER - the toppings are always fresh and the place is super clean. The burrito sauce and the hot sauce they use make the burrito. Load it will all the toppings - tomatoes, lettuce, pineapple, hot peppers, guac, Get burrito - steak or chicken are usually my picks. They put beans and rice and all the toppings then warm/crisp the burrito on the grill. AMAZING!!!!

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