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    Dhruv S

    A friend of mine ...

    A friend of mine recommended me this store when I had broken my S3 screen. They were able to provide me a great service by fixing my phone quickly in the most professional manner. They also recommended me some better cases to save my phone. Would highly recommend for phone repairs.

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    Rajbir G

    Went to this shop...

    Went to this shop to pick up a UPS package from Rogers. Excellent customer service, and great products. One of the sales reps offered to show me some of the products they had for my new phone which were great. Ended up coming back the next day for my iPhone LCD repair which was done while I waited.

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    Asif S

    I had the privile...

    I had the privilege of meeting one of the Absolute worst, unprofessional and immature managers at this store. Something that could have been solved with an apology and a calm demeanor was inflated into a full blown argument where he tried to prove that I was being foolish. This wasn't a sale Representative but a MANAGER. I am shocked as to how such an individual remains in his position and has no customer service skills. Don't go to this store, believe me, you can find better.

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    Réponse du marchand 18 juin 2014

    We are sorry you feel this way, but by not having proper document to support the pick up guideline set by UPS, we cannot release a pack. As mentioned to you before we are not a UPS Store, we are just a pick up and drop off location. We are sorry we were not able to help you in the first time around.


    Best Service

    I have no idea why people talk poorly about Intouch Wireless. They only use original parts only and i have had my same blackberry fixed and it only costed $80 and it only took 20 minutes. There was no shipping necessary. Anyways I had a great experience at Intouch Wireless just last week. I dropped my iPhone 4s and the screen cracked, i was very worried it couldn't be fixed or i had to buy a new one.. As soon as i got there, everyone was very friendly and i told them my problem, they said they could fix it in 40 minutes for only $80. I was astonished and happy that they could fix it right away for a low price. As i was waiting, i looked around and they offered many more services than just repairs such as unlockings, buying phones and a whole lot of accessories for every phone. 40 Minutes later, my phone was looking brand new again, i was so happy. They also gave me warranty on the part for 45 days. Their service was amazing and i was very satisfied. I would highly recommend Intouch Wireless for your repairs, unlockings and buying used and new phones.

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    Poor Service

    I broke my screen on my Blackberry Bold 9700. I was in desperate need to have it fixed and I noticed Intouch Wireless while driving along Bovaird. I went in and had my screen repaired for a whopping $145 including taxes. So firstly their lowest price guarantee does not stand true because I later found out about another place on hwy 10 that does it for $80. I was initially happy because I just wanted it fixed. Then literally one week later I noticed a large amount of dust build up inside the bottom left corner of my screen and this made it difficult to see anything beneath the dust and I thought maybe the technician didn't tighten something properly so I took it back and was told that I would have to leave my phone with them for an entire week so they could ship out my screen, get a new one from their manufacturer and then put it back in my phone. I found this absolutely ridiculous and when I protested against this their sales rep said "That's how all warranties work". I think their staff needs a lesson in sales because any time you have a faulty product within the warranty limits I have always had a pleasant experience of them taking it back and giving me a new one on the spot. This establishment is poorly managed because to add to my frustration I couldn't give them my phone that day to send out because their technician was not working that day. I would NEVER recommend anyone to go to Intouch Wireless and trust them with their phone.

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