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  • Service: 3/5
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Amanda M

The price is good...

The price is good as was what they did for my nails, got acrylic done, my problems were their attitude. I came in, had called beforehand; they didn't great me with pleasantry, and when I was served, no greetings of any kind. They were yelling to each other in some foreign language, Korean I would guess which I thought was rude to yell across the room in another language in front of a customer, they were quite crabby I found, which if you want to attract customers, that's not the way to do it.

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A good quick mani/pedi

The service is no nonsense/no frills. A manicure and Pedicure can be done in about an hour. The salon is new and has nice massage chairs for your pedicure. Great price for both. Quite busy so I would make an appt.

Service: 3/5
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