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    Tracy B

    this store has to be the worst place in Brockville .... Young staff !!! Call and was put on hold 3 times and they never did pick up the phone .... Straight to hold .... Horrible customer service -D

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    Unfriendly CSR Manager

    During the end of last summer, I had bought a tube for my lawnmower tire. When I got home, I opened up the box and noticed a big tear in the tube. I took it back to TSC 2 days later. The lady in charge at that time insisted I did am returning it damaged. I assured her I didn't. She stated that tubes are carefully checked over upon their return. However, this one must have slipped by their screening processes. I went to Canadian Tire to get another tube, but they didn't carry my size. I was forced to buy another tube from TSC. Another thing is that the people working there (although nice) are unknowledgeable when it comes to what they carry in the store...too many young people with no experience on what is best practice for their equipment. Customers should not rely on the staff to help them at all. You should know exactly what and how to use something BEFORE going into TSC.

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