Roefe Marlon M


Domaines de droit

  • Droit du travail,
  • Droit commercial,
  • Droit corporatif,
  • Droit de la construction,
  • Droit des contrats,
  • Droit des fiducies,
    • Droit fiscal,
    • Droit civil,
    • Droit collaboratif,
    • Droit des aînés,
    • Droit des biens,
    • Droit des sociétés,
    • Droit successoral,
    • Droit des autochtones,
    • Droit criminel,
    • Droit familial,
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460 Brant St, Burlington ON L7R 4B6
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    I have been using Marlons firm for years and found that he is a professional and well-respected attorney who provides you with a clear understanding of legal advice. Marlon has high standards in the practice of law and his Assistant, Amy, with her pleasant manner is always dedicated to helping in any way she can. I would highly recommend the services of Marlon Roefe. kc

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    I have been dealing with Mr.Roefe for over 3 years, he is dedicated, professional and does his very best. Amy in his office is excellent! she is professional, helpful and a joy to talk to. I am never a bother, no matter how many times I call or how busy they are. Great team, I would highly recommend them both.

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    Ray N

    Marlon Roefe and his firm are the most professional and personal of all the firms that I have dealt with. The receptionist Amy is without doubt the most professional and accommodating person I have ever dealt with. I deal with this firm on a continuing basis and have never ever been disappointed in their service or their manners. Without any question I would highly recommend them to anyone.

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    Marianna Marton Dunn

    I highly recommend Marlon Roefe as an attorney who will provide you with knowledgeable and expert service. His assistant Amy is always ready to help and such a pleasure to work with as well. The service provided for the fee charged is above and beyond what I would have expected. And to top that off,,, they really do care and want to help resolve your legal issues. You wont be disappointed choosing Marlon to represent you in any matter.

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    Receptionist was very unprofessional, i was asking a few questions and she started ignoring me and then hangs up the call. I call back and complain and the other receptionists act all defensively and assumes i am in the wrong, great way to treat potential new clients. And you want 400 a hour what a joke! Stay away from these unprofessional "lawyers"

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