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    Brenda D

    Very dependable,nice clean units. Classy

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    Lauren B

    WOW........The gi...

    WOW........The girls from Potty Time just delivered my potty for my Canada Day party. They arrived on time and were very pleasant. I loved their pink trailer too!!!! The potty was really clean and theme decorated for Canada Day with a Canadian flag banner, red & white balloons, and even red & white flowers and confettis of maple leaves and the words "Canada" and "Party". Pretty impressive. Great job girls!!!!........YOU'RE THE BEST!!! THANKS

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    dianne s

    I was extremely d...

    I was extremely dissatisfied with this company. The road to our cottage has two access points. One way has a big hill with a sharp turn at the bottom the other is flat and easy to get in and out. I of course had given specific directions to go in the flatter, easier way. For whatever reason my directions were not followed. One of the questions I was asked ahead of time was if the road was flat, which I had responded with a yes. The hill is the first thing you come to from the other access point. You would think that this would be the first clue that you were going the wrong way, however they proceeded on. Apparently there was a tree down from this way as well, so they were not able to get through. They left no message left at the contact number I had given them. When I had arrived at the cottage and realized the potty was still not there. I gave them a call. They told me it was too dark to deliver it that night (it was 8:15pm) and they would be out of town the next day. Very unprofessional and extremely poor customer service. I would highly recommend you go with another company.

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    Réponse du marchand 3 juillet 2015

    We are extremely surprised at this review. We were given the address of 1183 Hobbitt's Lane off HWY 503. We were told if we got to Furnace Falls we went too far. There was no mention of going in another road. We always make notes if specific instructions are given, which were not. We did ask if the PROPERTY was flat, not the road. We turned on to Hobbitt's Lane, which was a narrow one lane road, with a drop off on both sides. At 1km in, a large tree was over the road, which we could not move. We then had to back out all the way as there was no way to turn around with the trailer. We called customers' cell phone at 4:56pm but no answer, so we left .We had been 2 1/2 hours getting in & out. Nothing we could do. Customer called at 8pm. I apologized for not delivering and explained what happened. At 9:30pm a lady named Sandy called and was very apologetic about what happened. After a lengthy discussion, we DID AGREE TO RE-DELIVER the next morning. Sandy called back again and advised they had gone out to look and did not feel we could get in the other way with the trailer either. We then told her to call Kawartha Septic as they deliver with a pickup, no trailer. We also called Kawartha Septic and asked them to go if they called. We told her it would only be a construction toilet, not fancy like ours, as we are the only company that decorates them, but at least they would have something. She was very thankful for all our help, and now we get this review. We did everything possible to help them out and they seemed appreciative at the time. We thought everything was OK. We have been in business for 20 years and never had a problem before. We did our very best to help them in this situation, but access for us to their property was beyond our control, and we are very sorry we were not able to deliver our services.

    Ev-Anne C

    A friend recommen...

    A friend recommended Potty Time Portables to me for my wedding. They were very "unique" and I wasn't disappointed. They were super clean units and smelled great!!! They came with a sink, Bath & Body Works soap,a motion sensor light and were decorated with a banner, garland, wedding bells and confetti. Even the flowers matched the ones for the wedding. WOW... my guests impressed! This company is very professional and definitely has "A Touch of Class". I would highly recommend them to everyone.

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