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  • Droit du travail,
  • Droit de la construction,
  • Droit des fiducies,
  • Droit des contrats,
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  • Droit collaboratif,
    • Droit immobilier,
    • Droit des aînés,
    • Droit des autochtones,
    • Droit successoral,
    • Droit criminel,
    • Droit familial,
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205 Bridge St, Carleton Place ON K7C 3H1

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    Mike L

    Utterly incompet. Drags cases on forever. Hows down to opposing counsel against clients form rejections. Do not trust this lawyer with family law

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    Kristen G

    Thank you Craig for everything you did for me. Top notch litigator, helped me out of a real financial mess in Small Claims court. Could not have asked for better help.

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    Brian K

    Craig is the best criminal lawyer in Lanark County. I have worked closely with him over the past year and have seen his dedication, hard-work, and loyalty to every client. Regardless of the hour or time of day Craig makes himself available to talk, he is even met with me on Christmas Eve. Craig always aims for the best outcome for each and every client, if there is a way to beat a charge Craig will know it!

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    Amanda C

    I retained Craig for a family matter. He was upfront, honest, and worked very hard on my case. Stephanie was a tremendous help throughout the process. They helped me through a very difficult time and I am forever grateful. Great service, great work, worth every penny.

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    Tyler G

    Disappointing service from this law firm, Stephanie was great to deal with but could never seem to make it on the days she was needed, either to serve papers or to appear in court regarding an eviction. Craig Rogers appeared for our court date, was uninformed regarding the case, initially recommended waiving all of the tenants arrears, which was refused by us and after quite a bit of pushing we were able to retain a good portion of the arrears he wanted to throw out the window. We had agreed tha

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    I went through an...

    I went through an EXTREMELY messy separation which included child support, custody, property, etc. Craig and Stephanie helped through every step. They were so knowledgeable and helpful. Made me feel like I was cared about during a fragile time. I have since gone back to get a will with them. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone. Thank you Craig and Stephanie for helping my family during this time.

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    Craig was referre...

    Craig was referred to me by Barbara Couch (her insistence). I was promised that my case in family court would be completed in no more than a month. Week after week, month after month, I had to call to find out my status. Everything that was submitted to court was written by me. I produced documents, doctors letters, financial background, etc. At a court appearance, he didn't say a word! I showed my anger quite often (have emails texts to prove what I'm saying. He never even finished my case

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    Scott E

    Craig and Stephan...

    Craig and Stephanie are two amazing and skilled professionals , I would recommend them any day! They are very professional and very easy to talk to and deal with. I have nothing but good to say about this law firm. Scott Evans

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