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419 St Clair St, Chatham ON N7L 3K4
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ouvert 09:00 - 21:00

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  • $11 ... $25,

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  • Pizzeria,

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  • Italienne,


  • Hamburger,
  • Pizza,

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  • Anglais,


Évaluations et commentaires - Andy's Place

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Quelle note donneriez-vous à cette entreprise?
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    Yeya Takenha Theresa J

    Great panzeratti's!

    Great panzeratti's!

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    Always busy and crowded!

    The food is good here. I can't say enough about the wait staff. They are competent enough to handle alot of people. I can see some waitresses getting mixed up when it gets crazy and it does! They rave about the panzerotti but i've had better. The greek salad is made ahead and usually soggy from the dressing. They give large glasses of pop. We dont go there as much because its too busy. It's a waitresses nightmare! But i bet the tips are good and the turnover rate is making money hand over foot!

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    Andy's Place

    How disappointing when you get a waitress that is totally clueless. Upon approaching our table she begins to take the drink order then all of a sudden leaves and doesn't come back. Her attitude is poor. Complained to management but much hasn't changed. Pizza was overcooked. Noticed young men in kitchen misbehaving. What a way to run a business.

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    Panzerotti = YUMMY

    Whenever i come to chatham i have to go to Andy's Place for their baked panzerotti. . The meat sauce that goes with it is so delicious !

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    Who is Andy?

    I have to say, I live pretty close to this place, and unfortunately it's not on top of my list, but it is for my family, and my extended family who like it much more. They usually go for breakfast, and they use to order pizza from here. I have only been about 3 times, I believe I've had breakfast, my first panzerotti, and something else I can't remember. This place has NO ambiance. I've seen greasy spoons with more style. But that's not the appeal here, the staff is VERY good, they know their customers, they know the kitchen. This is one of those places where you order it exactly the way you want it, and no one complains. They aim to get it right. I wish I could say their food was on top of my list, but it was just okay. Nothing to write home about, but I wouldn't tell people not to go. If you haven't been in awhile, I would give them another try, cause I know I'll get a decent meal, just not my favorite meal. And I guess that is the problem I have with their menu, they have A LOT of variety. And while they do it all well, or adequate, I couldn't honestly say, they do anything on their menu, better than anyone in town, or better than anything else on their menu. I think that's what makes a place stand out. Like Spiros is basically the same place, but even they have better decor, and they do a GREAT burger. Andy's is good food, don't get me wrong, just not food that makes you stand up and clap. By the way who is Andy? Anyone know...

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    I am impressed...again

    We had their large take out pizza and wing combo. It comes with a generous portion of fries. And it was all tastin' great. The fries were excellent, wings very meaty and the pizza (the Andy's Special) was generously topped all over from crust to crust. A sign of great pizza is how the crust holds up the next day. This one, even nuked the next day, was tasty and not rubbery at all. Great job, Kool and Company! We have eaten in the restaurant as well. It is set up family style, with booths. Nothing fancy, but the place is clean.

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