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    2 Happy Campers-Highly recommend Club Bekkers

    It pleases me to be able to praise the fine people at Club Bekkers. I have used their services a few times over the last several years and have been pleased with the facility and care provided to my pets.Over the last year my job has changed significantly and I have been required to travel more and often have to leave on short notice. I was comforted in accepting this change knowing that Club Bekkers is always able and willing to accomodate our needs. I know that my guys are well taken care of and have a safe, healthy environment to enjoy. The facility is large and clean and my experience has always been positive. You need only be there for a few minutes to know Bekkers has a great affection for our furry friends.

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    Beware if You Care about your Pet

    I entrusted my cats in the care of Club Bekkers Kennel in November for over a week. Now I have 4 sick cats on my hands and vet bills piling up over $1100. The owner’s wife rescues cats and kittens from shelters where they would be euthanized. I praise her for this however they should not be housed in the same room with paying customer’s animals. She was housing about 12-16 rescues and some of the kittens were sick. Now as I said I have escalating vet bills, sick cats and Bekkers will not respond to me. I would not recommend this kennel unless you are willing to deal with the consequences of having your pet exposed to contagious diseases.

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    Réponse du marchand 22 juin 2012

    Club Bekkers Kennels strives to provide the finest care for your guests. We have an outstanding reputation over many years of service to our community. We spare no effort to ensure that your pet is cared for in a healthy, comfortable and enjoyable environment. All the rescue cats have since been removed out of that area, but all of those cats had been given a clean bill of health from a local vet. We welcome anyone to come and see our facility, at any time. We have the highest standards of cleanliness and your pets health, comfort and happiness is our #1 priority.

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