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    Peter C

    Excellent service and great selection in fabrics and machines!

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    christine L

    good prices, empl...

    good prices, employees are always cheerful, and helpful. I love shopping at Giroux sewing center. I would definitely recommend shopping here.

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    Owners are down t...

    Owners are down to earth, very knowledgeable and informative. They are always able to answer my questions, and have most (if not all) the sewing paraphernalia I require in stock. A great local store!

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    Don't bring your singer here!

    I brought my Singer which I had used for three years to them for repair for issues with the bobbin. They supposedly fixed it and when I brought it home it still did not work. I called them, they suggested I wasn’t not using my machine correctly and that there was really nothing wrong with it when I brought it in. I found that hard to believe since I had used it for three years without major issue but I took their advice tried rethreading my machine. It work for a half hour before it had a catastrophic melt down. The machine nearly ripped the bobbin through the base plate and now the lower half of my Singer doesn’t work anymore. I have gone looking for a new person to repair my machine if it can be fixed at all now. I would not bring your machine here to be fixed.

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