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    Devine Finishes

    Our kitchen counters were refinished by Devine Finishes in May, 2013. There were problems with the finish in several locations. The owner was contacted, came to inspect the counters and said the finish needed to be redone. He said they do not work in the summer months because of high humidity, the job would be redone in the fall. The finish was re-applied in October. This application was also unacceptable. The owner returned to inspect the finish again. As we were going on a vacation, he told us to call on our return, and they would come and repair the work again. Repeated calls to the company now go unanswered. The Better Business Bureau was contacted, and has been unsuccessful in getting a response from Devine Finishes.

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    Ricky Y

    Devine Finshes

    We wanted to rid our house of our blue counter-tops and chose devine finishes based on the samples provided. We were told that Joe would be the one doing the work. After the counter tops were done we had a warranty issue. When we spoke with Joe he said he would have to come and take a look at it as he didn't do the work. After some emails to figure a time the work was completed to our satisfaction. Fast forward a few months and new problem has occurred. A corner has split from water penetration. We tried to contact Joe by email and didn't hear a response. My wife sent a few emails and finally heard back. He gave us a date and we were unavailable. Joe called and said he would be near our house and could stop by. When i spoke to him last he said he would be 20-30 minutes and i responded that i would try to be there around 30 minutes as i was in the east end. I drove home in 35 minutes expecting to see him there but he left and put a card in the door. In short if you enjoy not being responded to by email and calling and getting not answer by all means go ahead and have him do the work it look good but if you have a problem look out . POOR POOR Customer service

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